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Holy hell it's been a long time since we've updated the website.. 

We have had yet another member change... John Lakes, who has done 3 or 4 tours with us over the years and has taken the place of Kevin Schindel on guitar and vocals.

We just posted some new live videos from a show back in 2014.  It's all OLD material! We probably wn't be playing any old stuff this year so you can check it out on our youtube page.

We couldn't be more excited about John and are almost done writing a new record!  It's looking like we will be putting out a new full length this year on our longtime record label, Translation Loss Records.

We will also be looking into doing an east coast tour and some one off weekends this summer/fall.

Sorry about the delay in putting out some new music but you know how life is.  This year is gonna be good and I hope everyone has a lot of pot to smoke when this record comes out.
Anyway, we miss you all out on the road and hope to see some friends this year.

P.S. We will hopefully be getting someone to completely re-do our website as well so it won't be so lame...