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Buying a guitar is an exciting experience. The fact that you are going to take home your very first musical instrument and start practicing and playing it is something that you will definitely want to look forward to. But it is something that you might find a little intimidating as well.

After all, you have to remember that choices are plenty and their specifications can vary as well. This is why we are here to guide you, with us, you will get the very important points that would make the decision a lot easier and less complicated for you to do.

The importance of buying the right instrument


If you have developed an instrument in music and would want to start playing the guitar, see to it that you will select the right piece. You need to remember that this is an important first step in your pursuit of finding the first instrument that you are going to be practicing on first. There are a number of stores that you can find around and you are going to need to make sure the one you end up with is not only going to be affordable but one that is not going to be legit wanting as far as quality is concerned.

It has to be durable in order for it to be able to endure the constant use that you are likely o subject it to.


Recent Articles

The Best Electric Guitar Players

There is something about a talented musician and in particular a great electric guitar player. The electric guitar just seems to bring something special to the music that has already been written. This article will list some of the greatest electric guitar players in the history of music. Some of them you have probably heard of and some will be interesting to know.

1) Jimi Hendrix

The all time greatest electric guitar player in the history of music. Jimi Hendrix could make his guitar perform like no one else. He was able to fuse blues, rock and psychedelic music into one with the greatest of ease.

2)Tor Erik Schroder –

Still one of the best electric guitar players in the business. He has played for Janet Jackson and everyone in between.

3)B. B. King –

Echoing the sounds of blues, B.B. King is simply called the King of Blues. He names his electric guitar Lucille as he makes it scream along with his many fans from around the world.

4)Eric Clapton –

One of the most melodic blues electric guitar players on the planet, he is able to do solos like no one else in the world. He is known as the king of the Tulsa Sound.

5)Jimmy Page –

Known for making his single electric guitar sound like multiple guitars, Page has a heaviness to his right hand that brings about the Led Zeppelin sound that he is widely known for.

6)Chuck Berry –

He is simply known as the father of rock and roll and has done more for the genre than can be told. His staccato like sound is still being talked about today.

7)Les Paul,

While he is a great guitarist in his own right that had futuristic sounding hits in the 1950,what he is most known for is pioneering the design of the electric guitar.

These seven names represent the greatest electric guitar players of all time. They were and are uniquely special and ultra talented musicians who could make their instrument talk like no other.

3-best guitar books for self teaching

With the invention of the internet, one can find a lot of learning material for any subject that one decides to study. It is therefore very possible for one to do self teaching on how to play guitar. However, with numerous materials both in stores and internet, it is not easy to find the best books for self teaching on how to play guitar. To save the readers the hassle of finding the best self teaching books, I have done research and come up with a list of three best self teaching books. Those seeking to learn how to play guitar should have this on their lists

1. Teach yourself to play guitar

This book is ranked popular on guitar self teaching lesions. It is written by David M. Brewstera renowned author of guitar books. It carefully introduces the learner to primary and basic guitar lesions that cannot be ignored. He introduces basic techniques like how to place your hand and fingers in the event you want to play guitar. He also gives music styles in classical guitar.

Its features and benefits

1. It covers diverse playing styles.
2. It has a chart at the back explaining the chords for referencing.
3. Its written in simple terms for beginners in self teaching.
This is one of the best books for beginners.

2 Hal Leonard Guitar methods- Complete edition

Hal leonard is one of best known and professional publisher of guitar books. Most music teachers recommend this book, and therefore it is highly valued. This book teaches on all introductory topic on how to learn guitar. It has consequently been used highly for self learning.

Its features and benefits

1. It uses melodies to do practice instead of chords.
2. It has a plastic comp which makes it more comfortable to turn pages.
3. It has practice songs which are the source of fun.
4. It has very clear formatting while the font size is well visible.
3 Guitar for absolute beginners
This is the book that has been tested in real class teachings as uses the same book in teaching. It has therefore been proven to bore positive results. It has ten lessons which are well planned to be tackled in one week. Mostly, learners who are dedicated to self teaching like the fingering chords and the exercises which help in
building finger strength.

3 Complete Technique for Modern Guitar

Its features and benefits
1. It is detailed and has practical sessions.
2. It is full of motivational stories.
3. Gives details on best playing techniques.
4. Its format is easy to follow one.
Honestly, these books are well researched, while it is hard to get all the information in one book, combination of at least two will serve anyone willing to self tech promptly.

Wondering what is the best guitar for electronic music?

The obvious choice would be an article lecture guitar – they do make EDM sound so much cooler. However, if you are looking to learn music the first time, it is a good idea to start off with some other choices as well. We will take a look at a few of them.

The Best Guitar for EDM

Guitars and electronic music had been considered mutually exclusive for quite a long time until electronic bands started mixing them together. Now, several electronic bands like the Flashbulb, Apollo 440 etc. have many albums that have featured guitars in them to create a new brand of music altogether.
If you too want to try mixing both kinds of sounds together, here are some of the guitars that you can use to mix with EDM.

1. Hawaiian Guitar

The Hawaiian guitar is a lap steel guitar that has been featured in numerous electronic music and guitar collaborations and produces a fun sound. The 6 to 8 string guitar can be manipulated to produce complex tunings, which gels well with the range required for EDM.

2. Bass guitar

A bass guitar works as well in the electronic music as it does in the rock and metal circuit. The long neck and high octave sounds have made its way into the classical music as well as jazz and blues. The slap bass and aggressive riffs give EDM its much intended heat and add a new funk to it as well.

3. Table steel guitar

The table steel guitar is a type of console steel guitar which creates a quite amplified and fuzzy sound. It makes use of multiple neck along with additional strings on each of them, sometimes the number reaching up to seven or eight per neck. It is used to add unusual and surprising riffs to electronic sounds, creating an upbeat music altogether.

Top 3 Best Guitar Brands for Classic Rock.

In the field of Music, there are a handful of companies offering guitar brands, but there are those who excel in providing guitars crafted for greatness. No matter the kind of music you are into, you will not have to look far to get a great guitar builder serving your interest. The following brands have entirely reshaped classic rock music, and they are worth your penny.


Developed in the early 1950s, Gibson guitars are known for their fantastic acoustics. They are a bit expensive according to the version you pick and are considered the world’s best brands, regardless.


The fender deserves a top list as well, along with Gibson. It will be remembered that this company is the mother of solid-body rock guitar evolution, and has dramatically been modified and improved and has the best versions in the market.


Despite arriving little later, PRS guitar brands have earned themselves loyalty among rock musicians. PSR has consistently improved their brands using premium quality materials and industry best design, challenging their competitors. Their brands come with pocket-friendly rates, according to your music demands.

One’s taste and preference determine the best guitar, so it will be hard to figure out the best guitar for you. The above brands are just opinions, so you can pick it up from there, as you experiment and evolve as a musician.

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Playing the Bass

guitar quality

Bass Guitar Tips

Useful Tips for Flying with your Guitar

A guitar is so precious to some people and they always carry it with them wherever they go. Are you one of those people who own a guitar that you must carry with you always? Then be very careful when flying with your guitar because protecting it in the plane is quite difficult. It is even more challenging if you travel with guitar on small commuter planes where every luggage is kept down in the cargo hold area. In that case, chances of having something messed on your guitar by the time you reach your destination are very high. However, you can ensure your precious guitar is safe while on board by implementing the following 5 useful tips.

1. Go for Airlines that are guitar Friendly

When planning for your flight, it is important to do your research and choose an Airline that allows guitars as carry-ons. You can call the airline prior to your flight and inquire whether you will be allowed to carry your guitar on the plane. This is because it is easy to protect your guitar when it is safely kept in an overhead than when it is below in the cargo hold area.

2. Keep Your Guitar in a Hard Case

Forget about the luxury of flying with your guitar in a gig bag. Always keep your guitar in a hard case when on-board especially if you are flying in a small commuter plane. This gives you an assurance that your guitar is safe in the cargo hold area. More so, you have nothing to worry about how your guitar is handled by the plane crew.

3. Always Book a Seat on the Rear of the plane

If you are flying in a bigger plane, it is possible to be allowed to have your guitar as a carry-on item. That means you can easily take good care of it. However, it is wise to book a seat on the rear part of the plane. The good thing about booking the back seat in the plane is that you get an opportunity to enter the plane first. This means you can place your guitar safely in an overhead before it is filled with items by other travelers.

4. Request to keep your Guitar in an overhead

If you are told your guitar has to be placed in the cargo hold area, it is unwise to start a fight with the plane crew. However, you can politely request them to accommodate you and your fragile guitar. Just be cool and try talking to the crew and see if they can change their mind and allow you to carry your guitar to the plane. If they say no to your request, then ask them to at least keep it safely in the cargo hold area.


5. Make sure the Strings of your Guitar are Loose

It is wise to loosen strings of your guitar when traveling with it on a plane. This is irrespective of whether you are allowed to keep it in an overhead or it is kept in the cargo hold area. Temperature and pressure changes in the plane can cause tension on tight guitar strings and the angled-neck of your guitar can get damaged.

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Flying with your Guitar

Playing the Bass

guitar quality

Bass Guitar Tips

Tricks to singing and playing guitar

Are you a vocalist or a guitarist who can sing perfectly well or play the guitar but you just cannot get your way around doing both simultaneously? Well, worry no more, I am going to share with you simple tricks, which will help you solve this challenge and master both skills faster and quite efficiently. The following are the tips:

1. Develop muscle memory for the guitar part of the song.

Play the guitar without singing. Do this repeatedly until you develop the muscle memory. You should be in a position to play the guitar part of the song when you are not fully concentrating on the task. For instance, try playing the guitar when you are talking to somebody or watching a movie.

2. Employ a metronome

A metronome is useful in providing you with a constant beat to that helps in keeping you in time with the song as you are playing it. When you begin singing and playing guitar at the same time you usually find yourself losing the beat. Employing a metronome will help you identify when you’re going out of time so that you can quickly correct yourself.
You can also learn how to tap your foot to the beat you are playing. When done correctly, your foot can act as your metronome to help you ensure you are always on time.

3 Count the beats aloud

Once you can comfortably use the metronome, you should practice counting the beats of the song aloud while you are playing it on the guitar. This will help your brain to start getting used to saying words while at the same time playing a song, although this does not follow a vocal melody, it is quite essential.

4. Start learning a simple song

The purpose for this is to build your multitasking ability, so it does not matter if you are an experienced guitarist for learning the coordination can be a challenge more than playing a hard song. It is advisable to start by choosing a song with at most four chords in total.

5. Play the guitar as you hum the vocal melody

At this point, your focus should not be really on what you are playing on the guitar, and therefore, you can concentrate on the humming aspect. Given that you have most likely listened to the song a lot of times and you have memorized its melody go through the song from the beginning to the end without the actual singing.

6. Ensure you have learned the song’s lyrics

Memorizing the lyrics as you begin helps you on focusing on singing the melody and maintaining the beat rather than reading the words from a computer or off a sheet.

7. Replace the humming with the songs’ lyrics

Given that you have already known the songs’ lyrics developed muscle memory for the song and you can hum the song’s melody while playing the guitar. The only remaining part is replacing the humming with the lyrics, and you will be set.
8. Practice
Finally, the most important thing you should is to practice a lot. The main trick is to build your fingers’ muscle memory so that you no longer think while playing.

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Flying with your Guitar

singing and playing guitar

guitar quality

Bass Guitar Tips

Playing the Bass Guitar Efficiently

Introduction to bass guitar

These steps are not primarily the major ones, but these can
help to jumpstart your lessons. These are the steps that any beginner guitar
player can follow to make the learning process more comfortable and the
learning experience effective. If you want to learn how to play the bass
guitar, you should see to it that your fingers are much stronger. If you have
stronger fingers, you will be able to ascertain that the strings of the bass
guitar are a bit thicker compared to a regular guitar. It is also crucial for
beginner bass guitar players to know the proper usage of the index and middle
fingers. These fingers are essential to properly pluck the bass guitar. Every
note that will be made out of it depends from one of the fingers that will be
used to pull strings towards the direction of the face.

Steps on how to learn
how to play the bass guitar

If you’re planning to learn how to play it’s essential that you should be able to learn how to change the strings. Remember that once you break one of the series of the guitar, more
parts, especially the delicate components can be easily cut, just like its
neck. Since it is a type of an electric guitar, you’ll need a good starter
amplifier. You can have an amp for about 10 to 15 watts, that is if you don’t
want to play with a band, but if you’ll be merging with other people then it is
advisable that you can have an amplifier of about 200 watts. Versatility is a
virtue. Playing the bass guitar doesn’t mean that you should only play the rock
type of music. It can add to the learning process or skills if you’ll try to
learn how to play other music genres using your bass.

Different music genres
have different beats, thus different types of music can
surely enhance your playing skills. You should know about the music theory and
musical notation. If you’re serious about playing the bass guitar efficiently,
you should know more about the music you are interested in. Don’t be hesitant
and lazy to experiment. A beginner player should be able to learn about the

The scales are the
fundamentals of bass guitar. You can begin with the five-note blue scale and
six note blue scale. Getting a good bass guitar is crucial. For a beginner, you
can get a bass-pack that includes amp, guitar, strings, strap, and chords. If
you are joining a band, make sure that your bass and the drum will always be in
the right tempo. Remember that the guitar and the drums are responsible for the
dynamics of the band. Last but not the least; learn from other bass guitar
players, especially those who are experienced enough. Learning from a drummer
is also a good idea. This can help in setting the right time and rhythm of the

Benefits of playing
bass guitar

1. Easy to start,
difficult to master.

It needs much
determination, for someone to master well

2. The bass gets
audience moving

3. You can read off of
the guitarist

4. You can sing at the
same time.

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Flying with your Guitar

singing and playing guitar

Playing the Bass

Bass Guitar Tips

Tips to determine guitar quality

how to determine Guitar Quality
Do you find it overwhelming every time you go shopping to pick a quality guitar? Well, worry no more, for I am going to share with you some great tips to ensure that next time you go shopping for one, you buy the right one for yourself, the following are the tips to use:-

1. The comfort and ease to play the guitar

Besides the guitar playing good sound, it is vital that you can play the music quickly and comfortably. Ensure that the bottom groove fits comfortably on your right thigh. When you are sited upright, you should be in a position to tweak with your elbow being at 90 degrees to the neck, and your wrist should be flexible. If this is not met, buy a smaller one.

2. Use a guitar tuner

Before deciding to buy a guitar, ensure that it is in tune using a good tuner. After being satisfied with each open note being correct, press the 12th fret firmly to test for the octave of each string to ensure it plays in tune. Although it may sound the same to the ear, a tuner will help in telling you if it is a hair or not. If the difference is too big, then the guitar quality isn’t upheld, and you should consider buying another guitar or ask for reconfiguration.

3. Differentiate between solid-topped and laminated guitars.

The piece of wood on your guitar’s top is significant in determining the guitar’s sound. Different woods are used depending on the tone the guitar should produce. But it is crucial to know if it is laminated or solid toped because, for solid-topped, it produces more vibrant and more precise sound than layered .it has one or two pieces of woods which are aligned to the guitar’s grain
While laminated has around six pieces of wood pressed together and had lower tone quality and sound.

4. Use Harmonics

Pluck the string right at the 12th fret, and this should create a harmonic. Pull your left finger from the line after plucking. You should be able to hear a soft ring, which can be hard to hear at first, but with practice, it should be straightforward. Now test the guitar’s intonation by matching string’s harmonic to the actual note. The harmonics should be identical for a quality guitar.

5. Ensure quality guitar by checking its construction up and down.

After playing and loving the sound the guitar produces, being convinced that it fits your comfort and style. You should now check and determine whether it is well built and ready for you to buy. You do this by:-
• Ensuring there isn’t excess glue, marks, chips or any other careless construction faults.
• Checking the ease with which you can turn the tuning pegs.
• Ensuring that the pieces don’t wiggle or move
• Checking the string height, mostly at the first fret, that it is low
• Ensure the guitar has an adjustable truss rod. Ask for one in case you don’t see it.
• Ensure the neck is almost even with your guitar’s top.

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Flying with your Guitar

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Playing the Bass

guitar quality

Bass Guitar Tips And Tricks

If you’re interested to play the
bass, rest assured it is the
relatively straightforward and also simple instrument for one to
learn. Fundamentally, you essentially needed to play the music
from inside the heart, allowing the listeners to enjoy a
melody you have created. Some of these steps may keep very easy but are
sometimes overlooked by the experienced bass guitar players. Here are
some bass guitar tips and tricks that will ensure you to make
faster progress when learning on how to play it.

1. Bass Tuning

Make sure that the bass guitar is in tune is so often missed out. Before you
begin playing or practicing anything the very first thing which
you need to do is ensuring that the bass guitar is in tune. Using the
electric bass tuner where this can be done in a few minutes, so there
really is no excuse for not doing it.

2. Warming Up

Once you have tuned the bass guitar the next thing which you are
required to always do is warm up. Spending a few minutes warming up your
hands before you play can help stop your hands from aching and hurting.

Warming up properly will also help to build strength in your fingers and
hands and you may find bass very easier when playing. So next time you
pick the instrument and you have tuned it ensure to warm up.

3. Bass Fretboard Notes

Knowing the notes of a bass guitar fretboard is another significant
skill to have like the bass guitar player. So many bassists do
not know their way around a fretboard. Put yourself ahead of a
crowd and spend some minutes every day learning the names of
the notes in a bass neck.

4. Repertoire

Having the repertoire of songs is essential for every musician.
It is never too early to start learning songs on bass. Even if you’re a total
beginner at bass you should start thinking about some easy songs that you would
like to learn.

Once you know basic of the bass guitar techniques such as
plucking strings and fretting the notes you can begin learning songs. Just
break them down into bite-sized pieces and learn them one part at a time.

5. Have The Bass Schedule

A bass practice routine is vital to making fast progress on bass. Knowing
exactly what you should be doing is going to help you stay focused, which will
allow you to improve faster. Once you have a bass guitar schedule you
should start to see a big improvement in your playing.

These are some of the basic tips and tricks to assist you get started
of the bass guitar, and when you need to become the advanced bass
guitar player then you are needed to practice more and more. The more
often you practice, the more the skills you may learn and a better
bass guitar player you can become. Mainly if you’re interested to join the
band or otherwise playing the bass professionally for example, you
are needed to practice all the time.


Music does heal the soul. While there are a lot of people that would rather listen to it and enjoy it being played for them, there are also those that would want to have the opportunity to be able to play it on their own and even to make their own. If you are of the latter type, you will likely want to be able to get your musical instrument. One very popular choice that you can go for these days would be an acoustic guitar

There are some reasons why they are extremely popular for people that want to be able to play music. They tend to be easy enough to learn how to play. They are also light. They tend to be very versatile. At the same time, the price in which they will be offered can be affordable enough which means that anybody who wants to get one should not have a hard time getting one for himself.

But of course, that is just the easy part. The more difficult part has something to do with how you can get the right one. Several factors will often have to be put into play before one should take his pick. From price to durability to quality, these are just a few of the things that should be looked into if you are really intent on getting the right guitar out there.

Ask around
It is easy to find a store that sells these instruments these days, but you will certainly not want to get it for the first one you will find. A good buyer takes the time to get to know what the others around have to offer. He will also want to make sure that he can get an idea of the names of the more reliable establishments where these instruments can be bought from.

Visit several stores
Going for the purchase in the very first store you will find is not a good idea due to the fact that it is only likely to cause you to end up missing out on other better deals that others may have to offer. This is why it is highly encouraged that you visit several establishments first o see what they can offer.

Make sure the dealer is authorized
This is something that buyers need to look into if they are very particular about the brand that they are getting. There are brands that tend to be pricier than the rest, and if you are aiming to get one for yourself, you need proof that what you are being sold with is indeed authentic. This is where the store being an authorized dealer of these instruments will come into play.

Good number of selections
Another sign that you are looking at the right store is when you see that there are a good number of guitar selections for you to choose from. You can expect that shopping in these places is going to be a really good experience when you know that you will not have to deal with limited choices.

The best dealers will be able to carry a wide array of models and brands and offer different price ranges as well. This makes the store a very appealing destination of the interested buyer since it can offer more options that make it possible for the buyer to make comparisons. Always go only for those stores that can offer a robust array of models.

Know the return policy
You are also going to need to know what their policies are s far as a returning an item goes. Sometimes, you might not be very happy with a purchase and want to change it or get a refund for it and have it returned. If that is the case, then all you need to do is check what the policies are about this. Do so before you push through with the purchase.


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