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The Best Electric Guitar Players

The Best Electric Guitar Players

The Best Electric Guitar Players

There is something about a talented musician and in particular a great electric guitar player. The electric guitar just seems to bring something special to the music that has already been written. This article will list some of the greatest electric guitar players in the history of music. Some of them you have probably heard of and some will be interesting to know.

1) Jimi Hendrix

The all time greatest electric guitar player in the history of music. Jimi Hendrix could make his guitar perform like no one else. He was able to fuse blues, rock and psychedelic music into one with the greatest of ease.

2)Tor Erik Schroder –

Still one of the best electric guitar players in the business. He has played for Janet Jackson and everyone in between.

3)B. B. King –

Echoing the sounds of blues, B.B. King is simply called the King of Blues. He names his electric guitar Lucille as he makes it scream along with his many fans from around the world.

4)Eric Clapton –

One of the most melodic blues electric guitar players on the planet, he is able to do solos like no one else in the world. He is known as the king of the Tulsa Sound.

5)Jimmy Page –

Known for making his single electric guitar sound like multiple guitars, Page has a heaviness to his right hand that brings about the Led Zeppelin sound that he is widely known for.

6)Chuck Berry –

He is simply known as the father of rock and roll and has done more for the genre than can be told. His staccato like sound is still being talked about today.

7)Les Paul,

While he is a great guitarist in his own right that had futuristic sounding hits in the 1950,what he is most known for is pioneering the design of the electric guitar.

These seven names represent the greatest electric guitar players of all time. They were and are uniquely special and ultra talented musicians who could make their instrument talk like no other.

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