Mouth of The Architect | Useful Tips for Flying with your Guitar
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Useful Tips for Flying with your Guitar

Useful Tips for Flying with your Guitar

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Useful Tips for Flying with your Guitar

A guitar is so precious to some people and they always carry it with them wherever they go. Are you one of those people who own a guitar that you must carry with you always? Then be very careful when flying with your guitar because protecting it in the plane is quite difficult. It is even more challenging if you travel with guitar on small commuter planes where every luggage is kept down in the cargo hold area. In that case, chances of having something messed on your guitar by the time you reach your destination are very high. However, you can ensure your precious guitar is safe while on board by implementing the following 5 useful tips.

1. Go for Airlines that are guitar Friendly

When planning for your flight, it is important to do your research and choose an Airline that allows guitars as carry-ons. You can call the airline prior to your flight and inquire whether you will be allowed to carry your guitar on the plane. This is because it is easy to protect your guitar when it is safely kept in an overhead than when it is below in the cargo hold area.

2. Keep Your Guitar in a Hard Case

Forget about the luxury of flying with your guitar in a gig bag. Always keep your guitar in a hard case when on-board especially if you are flying in a small commuter plane. This gives you an assurance that your guitar is safe in the cargo hold area. More so, you have nothing to worry about how your guitar is handled by the plane crew.

3. Always Book a Seat on the Rear of the plane

If you are flying in a bigger plane, it is possible to be allowed to have your guitar as a carry-on item. That means you can easily take good care of it. However, it is wise to book a seat on the rear part of the plane. The good thing about booking the back seat in the plane is that you get an opportunity to enter the plane first. This means you can place your guitar safely in an overhead before it is filled with items by other travelers.

4. Request to keep your Guitar in an overhead

If you are told your guitar has to be placed in the cargo hold area, it is unwise to start a fight with the plane crew. However, you can politely request them to accommodate you and your fragile guitar. Just be cool and try talking to the crew and see if they can change their mind and allow you to carry your guitar to the plane. If they say no to your request, then ask them to at least keep it safely in the cargo hold area.


5. Make sure the Strings of your Guitar are Loose

It is wise to loosen strings of your guitar when traveling with it on a plane. This is irrespective of whether you are allowed to keep it in an overhead or it is kept in the cargo hold area. Temperature and pressure changes in the plane can cause tension on tight guitar strings and the angled-neck of your guitar can get damaged.

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