Mouth of The Architect | The Best Guitars for EDM
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The Best Guitars for EDM

The Best Guitars for EDM

Wondering what is the best guitar for electronic music?

The obvious choice would be an article lecture guitar – they do make EDM sound so much cooler. However, if you are looking to learn music the first time, it is a good idea to start off with some other choices as well. We will take a look at a few of them.

The Best Guitar for EDM

Guitars and electronic music had been considered mutually exclusive for quite a long time until electronic bands started mixing them together. Now, several electronic bands like the Flashbulb, Apollo 440 etc. have many albums that have featured guitars in them to create a new brand of music altogether.
If you too want to try mixing both kinds of sounds together, here are some of the guitars that you can use to mix with EDM.

1. Hawaiian Guitar

The Hawaiian guitar is a lap steel guitar that has been featured in numerous electronic music and guitar collaborations and produces a fun sound. The 6 to 8 string guitar can be manipulated to produce complex tunings, which gels well with the range required for EDM.

2. Bass guitar

A bass guitar works as well in the electronic music as it does in the rock and metal circuit. The long neck and high octave sounds have made its way into the classical music as well as jazz and blues. The slap bass and aggressive riffs give EDM its much intended heat and add a new funk to it as well.

3. Table steel guitar

The table steel guitar is a type of console steel guitar which creates a quite amplified and fuzzy sound. It makes use of multiple neck along with additional strings on each of them, sometimes the number reaching up to seven or eight per neck. It is used to add unusual and surprising riffs to electronic sounds, creating an upbeat music altogether.

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