Mouth of The Architect | Playing the Bass Guitar Efficiently
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Playing the Bass Guitar Efficiently

Playing the Bass Guitar Efficiently

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Bass Guitar Tips

Playing the Bass Guitar Efficiently

Introduction to bass guitar

These steps are not primarily the major ones, but these can
help to jumpstart your lessons. These are the steps that any beginner guitar
player can follow to make the learning process more comfortable and the
learning experience effective. If you want to learn how to play the bass
guitar, you should see to it that your fingers are much stronger. If you have
stronger fingers, you will be able to ascertain that the strings of the bass
guitar are a bit thicker compared to a regular guitar. It is also crucial for
beginner bass guitar players to know the proper usage of the index and middle
fingers. These fingers are essential to properly pluck the bass guitar. Every
note that will be made out of it depends from one of the fingers that will be
used to pull strings towards the direction of the face.

Steps on how to learn
how to play the bass guitar

If you’re planning to learn how to play it’s essential that you should be able to learn how to change the strings. Remember that once you break one of the series of the guitar, more
parts, especially the delicate components can be easily cut, just like its
neck. Since it is a type of an electric guitar, you’ll need a good starter
amplifier. You can have an amp for about 10 to 15 watts, that is if you don’t
want to play with a band, but if you’ll be merging with other people then it is
advisable that you can have an amplifier of about 200 watts. Versatility is a
virtue. Playing the bass guitar doesn’t mean that you should only play the rock
type of music. It can add to the learning process or skills if you’ll try to
learn how to play other music genres using your bass.

Different music genres
have different beats, thus different types of music can
surely enhance your playing skills. You should know about the music theory and
musical notation. If you’re serious about playing the bass guitar efficiently,
you should know more about the music you are interested in. Don’t be hesitant
and lazy to experiment. A beginner player should be able to learn about the

The scales are the
fundamentals of bass guitar. You can begin with the five-note blue scale and
six note blue scale. Getting a good bass guitar is crucial. For a beginner, you
can get a bass-pack that includes amp, guitar, strings, strap, and chords. If
you are joining a band, make sure that your bass and the drum will always be in
the right tempo. Remember that the guitar and the drums are responsible for the
dynamics of the band. Last but not the least; learn from other bass guitar
players, especially those who are experienced enough. Learning from a drummer
is also a good idea. This can help in setting the right time and rhythm of the

Benefits of playing
bass guitar

1. Easy to start,
difficult to master.

It needs much
determination, for someone to master well

2. The bass gets
audience moving

3. You can read off of
the guitarist

4. You can sing at the
same time.

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