Mouth of The Architect | 3-best guitar books for self teaching
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3-best guitar books for self teaching

3-best guitar books for self teaching

3-best guitar books for self teaching

With the invention of the internet, one can find a lot of learning material for any subject that one decides to study. It is therefore very possible for one to do self teaching on how to play guitar. However, with numerous materials both in stores and internet, it is not easy to find the best books for self teaching on how to play guitar. To save the readers the hassle of finding the best self teaching books, I have done research and come up with a list of three best self teaching books. Those seeking to learn how to play guitar should have this on their lists

1. Teach yourself to play guitar

This book is ranked popular on guitar self teaching lesions. It is written by David M. Brewstera renowned author of guitar books. It carefully introduces the learner to primary and basic guitar lesions that cannot be ignored. He introduces basic techniques like how to place your hand and fingers in the event you want to play guitar. He also gives music styles in classical guitar.

Its features and benefits

1. It covers diverse playing styles.
2. It has a chart at the back explaining the chords for referencing.
3. Its written in simple terms for beginners in self teaching.
This is one of the best books for beginners.

2 Hal Leonard Guitar methods- Complete edition

Hal leonard is one of best known and professional publisher of guitar books. Most music teachers recommend this book, and therefore it is highly valued. This book teaches on all introductory topic on how to learn guitar. It has consequently been used highly for self learning.

Its features and benefits

1. It uses melodies to do practice instead of chords.
2. It has a plastic comp which makes it more comfortable to turn pages.
3. It has practice songs which are the source of fun.
4. It has very clear formatting while the font size is well visible.
3 Guitar for absolute beginners
This is the book that has been tested in real class teachings as uses the same book in teaching. It has therefore been proven to bore positive results. It has ten lessons which are well planned to be tackled in one week. Mostly, learners who are dedicated to self teaching like the fingering chords and the exercises which help in
building finger strength.

3 Complete Technique for Modern Guitar

Its features and benefits
1. It is detailed and has practical sessions.
2. It is full of motivational stories.
3. Gives details on best playing techniques.
4. Its format is easy to follow one.
Honestly, these books are well researched, while it is hard to get all the information in one book, combination of at least two will serve anyone willing to self tech promptly.

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