Mouth of The Architect | Tricks to singing and playing guitar
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Tricks to singing and playing guitar

Tricks to singing and playing guitar

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Tricks to singing and playing guitar

Are you a vocalist or a guitarist who can sing perfectly well or play the guitar but you just cannot get your way around doing both simultaneously? Well, worry no more, I am going to share with you simple tricks, which will help you solve this challenge and master both skills faster and quite efficiently. The following are the tips:

1. Develop muscle memory for the guitar part of the song.

Play the guitar without singing. Do this repeatedly until you develop the muscle memory. You should be in a position to play the guitar part of the song when you are not fully concentrating on the task. For instance, try playing the guitar when you are talking to somebody or watching a movie.

2. Employ a metronome

A metronome is useful in providing you with a constant beat to that helps in keeping you in time with the song as you are playing it. When you begin singing and playing guitar at the same time you usually find yourself losing the beat. Employing a metronome will help you identify when you’re going out of time so that you can quickly correct yourself.
You can also learn how to tap your foot to the beat you are playing. When done correctly, your foot can act as your metronome to help you ensure you are always on time.

3 Count the beats aloud

Once you can comfortably use the metronome, you should practice counting the beats of the song aloud while you are playing it on the guitar. This will help your brain to start getting used to saying words while at the same time playing a song, although this does not follow a vocal melody, it is quite essential.

4. Start learning a simple song

The purpose for this is to build your multitasking ability, so it does not matter if you are an experienced guitarist for learning the coordination can be a challenge more than playing a hard song. It is advisable to start by choosing a song with at most four chords in total.

5. Play the guitar as you hum the vocal melody

At this point, your focus should not be really on what you are playing on the guitar, and therefore, you can concentrate on the humming aspect. Given that you have most likely listened to the song a lot of times and you have memorized its melody go through the song from the beginning to the end without the actual singing.

6. Ensure you have learned the song’s lyrics

Memorizing the lyrics as you begin helps you on focusing on singing the melody and maintaining the beat rather than reading the words from a computer or off a sheet.

7. Replace the humming with the songs’ lyrics

Given that you have already known the songs’ lyrics developed muscle memory for the song and you can hum the song’s melody while playing the guitar. The only remaining part is replacing the humming with the lyrics, and you will be set.
8. Practice
Finally, the most important thing you should is to practice a lot. The main trick is to build your fingers’ muscle memory so that you no longer think while playing.


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